Welcome to South-South Cooperation Mechanisms and Solutions in Agriculture

Welcome to the mapping tool for South-South Cooperation Mechanisms and Solutions in Agriculture for the Arab States, Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. This mapping tool is intended to provide a one-stop shop access to practical, easy-to-use expertise on the existing South-South Cooperation mechanisms and solutions in agriculture in the Arab States regional and ECIS region, to be used by the government focal point agencies on South-South Cooperation as well as the United Nations agencies, funds and programmes active in the region in their work aimed at advancing South-South Cooperation in the region in compliance with the provisions of the High-level United Nations Conference on South-South Cooperation. The mapping tool also offers an opportunity for sharing analytical information aimed at better understanding of the existing regional trends in South-South Cooperationin agriculture, as well as visualizing the capacity gaps that prevent the countries in the regions from taking full advantage of the potential benefits of South-South Cooperation.