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Tire Milk Agricultural Development Cooperative in Izmir, Turkey

Monday, 30 November 2015 21:25 Written by 
  • Location(s): Turkey
  • Type(s): Solution
  • Theme(s): Agriculture , Husbandry
  • SDG(s): 12. Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Locations in Europe and the CIS: Turkey
  • Types in Europe and the CIS: Solution
  • Themes in Europe and the CIS: Agriculture , Husbandry
  • SDGs in Europe and the CIS: 12. Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Locations of ComSec Solutions: Turkey
  • Types of ComSec Solutions: Solution
  • Themes of ComSec Solutions: Agriculture , Husbandry
  • SDGs of ComSec Solutions: 12. Responsible Consumption and Production

Goals and objectives: to ensure better income for the producer by enabling them to produce improved, cost-effective processing and marketing of their products and enhance the economic and social lives of small-family businesses in rural areas.

Implementation: provided quality production and decreased production costs of small- and medium-sized farmers by moving together. Thanks to Tire Milk Cooperation, milk production increase is six times total milk production increase in Turkey.

  1. Outlet store: daily needs of shareholders in outlet stores are provided with in-kind payment.
  2. Agri-market: shareholders can acquire every kind of agricultural machinery and equipment from agri-market with affordable payment plans.
  3. Training And Consultancy Services: to turn animal husbandry into a profession, the cooperative carries on efforts in cooperation with Ege University and Directorate of Public Education. Applied trainings are held in farms in order to instruct the farmer on animal husbandry, feed and rations, animal feeding, milking and hygiene.
  4. Milk for Schools Project: Milk For Schools project was successfully conducted for five years between 2008-2013 with the cooperation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Tire Milk Cooperative. Milk for 20,000 students was distributed in 250 schools every week.
  5. Spring Lamb Project: Milk for Schools project turned into a nationwide project called spring lamb. The project was conducted again in cooperation with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Every week, cooperative provides two liters of milk to 125,000 families with toddlers (0-5 years of age) who cannot afford it.
  6. “Çiftçim” Cooperative Products Sales Point: a project not only developing the producer economy but also protecting the consumer. Offers healthy products to the consumers and also develops the cooperatives by marketing their products there.
  7. X`Milk Line Project: milk is being taken to consumers’ door at market price.


  1. Reaching social peace by sustaining family enterprises and preventing migration from rural areas to urban areas.
  2. Cooperative is an important employment source with its 285 employees in its region.
  3. FAO named Tire Milk Cooperative an “Example Model of Rural Development.”
  4. Received achievement award three consecutive years by EBSO (Aegean Region Chamber of Industry).
  5. Received quality award by İstanbul-based Consumer Association.

Replication: The solution can be replicated in the countries with the emerging or evolving cooperative movement.

Budget: The annual turnover of 150 million TL

Partners: Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Ege University Faculty of Agriculture (Consulting Partner)

Contact information: 
Tire Milk Agricultural Development Cooperative 
Address : İbn-i Melek Mahallesi Turgut Özal Bulvarı No:67 Tire / İZMİR 
Fax : +90 232 512 81 11 
Telephone : +90 232 512 10 41 (pbx) 
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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