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Milk for Schools Project, Spring Lamb Project in Izmir, Turkey

Saturday, 05 December 2015 09:59 Written by 
  • Location(s): Turkey
  • Type(s): Solution
  • Theme(s): Agriculture , Public Private Partnership
  • SDG(s): 17. Partnerships for the Goals
  • Locations in Europe and the CIS: Turkey
  • Types in Europe and the CIS: Solution
  • Themes in Europe and the CIS: Agriculture , Public Private Partnership
  • SDGs in Europe and the CIS: 17. Partnerships for the Goals
  • Locations of ComSec Solutions: Turkey
  • Types of ComSec Solutions: Solution
  • Themes of ComSec Solutions: Agriculture , Public Private Partnership
  • SDGs of ComSec Solutions: 17. Partnerships for the Goals

Goals and objectives: The Tire dairy cooperative is a unique story of extraordinary people who contribute to social development. With 2,085 members in 63 villages and285 employees, it aıms to ımprove the economıc and socıal lıves of small-famıly busınesses ın rural areas.

Implementation: The cooperative collects 197 tons of milk daily from 50,000 cows and contributes to the income of the villagers. The cooperative has increased its net assets 32-fold in 13 years. The cooperative has changed lives by giving more income and opportunity to farmers and the city. FAO named Tire Milk Cooperative an “Example Model of Rural Development.” Now, the cooperative plays a crucial role in the livestock sector in Turkey.

As an advanced farmer-based organization, Tire Milk Cooperative has trends to:

  • develop the constructive partnership between Government, cooperatives and private businesses;
  • and introduce and develop the principles of social entrepreneurship.

Tire Milk Cooperative has developed partnerships with: Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry (MFAL); İzmir Provincial Directorate of MFAL; the Tire District Directorate of MFAL; Izmir Metropolitan Municipality; Tire Municipality; Ege University Faculty of Agriculture (Consulting Partner); Agricultural Research Institute; Department of Training, Extension, and Publications; private companies in the dairy production chain (produce, process, store, transport and sell dairy products); agricultural input providers; Agricultural Bank and other banks; Animal Breeders Association.

Achivements: As a result of these partnerships, the Milk For Schools project was successfully conducted for five years between 2008-2013 with the cooperation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Tire Milk Cooperative. Milk is being distributed in 250 schools for 20,000 students every week. The project turned into a nationwide project called Spring Lamb.

Spring Lamb Project: The project was conducted again in cooperation with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Every week, the cooperative provides two liters of milk each to 125,000 families with toddlers (0-5 years of age), who cannot afford it.

These solutions were implemented without any additional financial costs.

Replication: As a pilot in Turkey, it provides an example of classic government support model for cooperative development. It has some similarities with the “Zero Hunger” program in Brazil, launched by the UN agency FAO (the Food and Agriculture Organization). Due to efficient collaboration between Government and agricultural cooperatives or associations, the food was purchased from local farmers; afterwards, school lunch service and a shared kitchen provided fresh, cooked food for the poorest.

Contact information: 
Turkey, Menemen / İzmir 
International Agricultural Research and Training Center (IARTC) 
Telephone : +90 232 831 10 52 Fax: +90 232 831 10 51 
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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